3 Benefits of Using BigCommerce Enterprise Than Shopify Plus When Selling More Is Your Goal

Do you have a better chance to sell more with BigCommerce enterprise than Shopify plus? Selling more online is the objective of any webpreneur. You desire to add a new sale and beat your competitors. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to see your business topping others in all statistics in your niche. In the real sense, you want to be the pacesetter in your industry. The upcoming and startups should see you as their benchmark. However, many failed webpreneurs held the same dream in the past. Why did they fail?
Choosing your enterprise e-commerce platform can be the powering gear to success or failure. Your platform selection can help you to achieve your goals or be the cause of your failure. With this information, you have two choices when it comes to company or enterprise level virtualization. First, you can go for Shopify plus. Alternatively, you can consider BigCommerce enterprise. Nevertheless, your selection depends on your objectives. When making extra sales is a priority, BigCommerce enterprise can be a good idea. Here are 3 benefits of considering it:

Boosts your SEO ranking

No doubt. SEO optimization is the basic online marketing option. When your site ranks at number one in your niche search results, you are confident of making extra sales. Also, ranking better comes with one advantage – massive organic traffic. This type of traffic forms the largest number of online customers and enable you to realize your business objects. Again, you save on marketing costs.
BigCommerce enterprise helps you to boost your SEO ranking. It has features and structures that allow crawling and ranking robots to penetrate your e-commerce website easily. As a result, it places you on the top positions in the search engines. Despite Shopify plus having similar features, a site anchored on BigCommerce wins a better position on the search results. Hence, when considering SEO optimization as your major marketing option, you should go for this e-commerce solution.

Provides you out-of-box features

One of the ways to enhance your customer loyalty is offering them gifts. You need to have a loyalty card and gift programs. Or else, you must come up with a way of appreciating your customers and harnessing their loyalty to your business. For this to happen, you need out-of-box features to enable you to realize the objective. BigCommerce offers you these features as in-built elements. You do not need to use an additional coin to give your customers an opportunity to write reviews.
Also, your gift programs will not need other budgets than the items or vouchers to dish out to the customers. Apart from this, rating your business is essential. Ratings help your potential customers to decide whether to join your current clients or not. This platform offers gift, review, and rating features as part of their dashboard. For Shopify plus, you need to get deeper in your pocket to get such apps. Hence, BigCommerce is a good option for you in not only saving costs but also boosting your sales.

Enhances your user experience through product customization

User experience is a suitable way of boosting your sales. When the user or customer visits your site, they want to have an easy way of accessing what you are selling. No customer will enjoy a site that takes an hour trying to navigate through it. When considering user experience (UX), BigCommerce enterprise is a good idea.
The platform offers integrated product customization. With this, you can list and customize your products for specific clients. Shopify plus does not have such functionalities unless you get it from a third party for an extra coin. But instead Shopify Plus offers an advanced customization framework to create intuitive and engaging storefronts. To check how does it work, click on Shopify.com/plus/compare/bigcommerce

But, if UX is your priority, BigCommerce is the way to go.

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