BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus: The Battle of the Giants

BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus: The Battle of the Giants

As you are probably aware, there are dozens of enterprise eCommerce solutions available on the market. However, just a few of them are considered to be reliable options. Actually, there are two brand names that keep popping up on top lists related to the best enterprise-level eCommerce solutions – BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus. So, if you want to ensure that you’ve made the right decision for your enterprise, you should conduct a head-to-head comparison – BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus has a wide array of sales features and this is probably the platform which has the highest number of features like this. We should also point out that they have an excellent inventory system which guarantees that you will never get out of stock. While we are analyzing Shopify Plus, we should also mention that this eCommerce platform supports multi-channel selling activities on popular platforms including Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. On the other hand, BigCommerce Enterprise is the platform that has the highest number of built-in features. Just like Shopify Plus, it supports sales on multiple channels. Additionally, BigCommerce Enterprise has excellent search engine optimization tools which will help you improve your website’s search engine ranking.

But, both of these platforms have some downsides too. For example, Shopify Plus is not very good when it comes to international scalability. Namely, users have to use third-party applications to get support for different currencies. In addition, in many cases changing templates leads to the reformatting of your website. BigCommerce Enterprise relies on advanced terminology which many beginners will find difficult to understand.

The BigCommerce Enterprise vs Shopify Plus comparison is a comparison between two reliable platforms. Regardless of the choice you make, you can rest assured that you will get excellent service. However, there are some things that make these platforms different. For example, we can confirm that Shopify Plus is much easier to use. It also includes all the possible features a modern online store owner may need. BigCommerce Enterprise is a little bit more difficult, but it guarantees support for fast-growing enterprises and enterprise-level entities. This platform is equipped with many built-in features while Shopify Plus offers many of these features through their app marketplace. All in all, we can say that Shopify Plus is a better option, but you should definitely use BigCommerce Enterprise’s free trial and see for yourself.

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