eCommerce Enterprise Comparison: Why is Shopify Plus a Great Option?

eCommerce Enterprise Comparison: Why is Shopify Plus a Great Option?

Any eCommerce enterprise comparison should start with the analysis of the most used eCommerce platforms in this sector. If you do some research and analyze the data, you will realize that Shopify Plus is among the platforms with the highest number of users. Obviously, comparing the performance of the most reliable platforms would be incomplete without analyzing Shopify Plus. To help you get a better picture of the capabilities of Shopify Plus we have created this article where you can learn more about the best features of this enterprise eCommerce platform.

Bandwidth without any limits

Shopify Plus offers a fast and reliable hosting solution. Thanks to their system, any website can manage a few hundred thousand hits in a minute. In addition, you should expect 99.97% uptime. This means that your website will be available all the time. Remember that you will get all these things at a more than reasonable price.

No redirections when it comes to checkout

Many people are comparing Shopify to Shopify Plus. One of the main differences between them is that Shopify Plus allows clients to stay on the same domain during the checkout process. This makes the shopping activity safer and more reliable. There’s no need for redirections of any kind.

No transaction fees involved

There are many eCommerce platforms out there that are charging transaction fees per sale. In other words, the more sales you have the more money you will “lose”. For instance, the regular Shopify platform charges up to 2.9% per transaction and an additional 30 cents for every transaction. However, its big brother doesn’t include any transaction fees. So, the only thing you have to pay is the monthly subscription and that’s it.

Sophisticated API

Shopify Plus comes with a sophisticated API which allows users to get more with the help of smooth integrations. Use this enterprise-level eCommerce platform to connect the CRM, multi-channel software solutions and accounting software products with your eCommerce website. Additionally, you can use some of the many apps available at Shopify’s app marketplace designed for additional functionality.

Account management

In order to help users, Shopify Plus appoints account managers which will assist you on your quest to find the best options for your eCommerce site. In addition, you can contact their customer support service which is available all the time.

Remember that these are just a few reasons why you should consider using Shopify Plus.

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